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Academic Calendar

Academic calendar of 2017 NCU ISS is as follows:

October 8, 2016Application Starts
January 20, 2017Early Application Deadline
February 20, 2017Early Application II Deadline
March 20, 2017Early Application III Deadline
April 20, 2017Regular Application I Deadline
June 4, 20171st Term Check in & Orientations
June 5, 20171st Summer School Term Starts
July 1, 2017Courses of 1st Term End
July 2, 20172nd Term Check in & Orientations
July 3, 20172nd Summer School Term Starts
August 4, 20175-weeks Courses of 2nd Term End
August 18, 2017Announce All Students’ Grades in 2017
August 28, 2017Make and Send Out the Official Transcripts of NCU